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business protection

Business protection insurance helps to safeguard your employees and business’ financial position if a key employee becomes unable to work through illness or accident, or if they die. It can also finance the recruitment and training of staff members to replace them.

We offer a range of insurance policies and will use our knowledge and expertise to ensure the cover you get is the cover you need:·      

• Relevant life cover – provides a lump sum if an employee dies or is diagnosed with a serious illness in service
• Shareholder protection – in the event of a shareholder dying or becoming too unwell to work, a lump sum will be provided for the remaining owners to purchase the shares

• Business loan protection – provides funds to repay loans, including mortgages, on the death or critical illness of a partner or shareholder. It can also protect personal assets used as guarantees

• Key person cover – taken out by a company on a key employee to repay loans or recruit and train a replacement should they die or become too incapacitated to work

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PERSONAL protection


We offer a range of personal protection plans to safe guard you and your family’s financial position and mortgage services, where we work with a wide range of lenders to enable us to find you the best deal.