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Most commonly a re-mortgage is needed when an existing mortgage term is coming to an end. However, this can be done at any point if your circumstances change or a better deal comes along.

At the end of your mortgage term, your existing lender will be in touch but we will be able to compare their offers to other products on the market. We can take on the responsibility of finding the best deal for you by searching a comprehensive panel which is representative of the whole of the market. If you have been satisfied with your existing lender then we will try and find a suitable option for you to stay with them. However, if it is best for you to switch to a new lender then we will justify why and demonstrate the saving you will make, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you have taken the right decision.

If you want to re-mortgage early, we will review your circumstances and recommend the most appropriate course of action. Reasons for re-mortgaging early can include equity release for the purpose of raising funds for a home improvement project or requiring capital for a financial investment. This requires a certain level of equity to have built up in your current property.

Other motivations for wishing to re-mortgage early may be that you are concerned about variable rates rising or you want to reduce your monthly repayments. Whatever your reason, we will be able to review your options with you and advise on what is in your best interest.

So, when you want to discuss your re-mortgage and whether that involves staying with your existing provider or switching to someone new, we will arrange everything required for the switch and provide impartial advice. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch today to discuss your requirements.


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